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Leftists are

getting a bit restless. Skittish, even. As well they should.

It’s pretty dang clear: Trump looks vigorous and capable. Biden looks like death warmed over. He looks to be held together with hope, crossed fingers, and bailing twine. And Trump’s policies were certainly FAR better for regular people than Biden’s

The contrast could not be clearer: Leftism leads to misery while Conservatism leads to peace and plenty. In fact, this is perhaps the most devastating comparison: It is quite clear now that Leftism leads to human misery while Conservative practices lead to prosperity and happiness. The data are in. Will YOU blithely dismiss these facts?

See, Leftists could ignore the incontrovertible fact that the USSR was an economic basket case– lots of excuses about how it was not real Communism and such. Poppycock! I think we should take a hard look at the facts. Leftism has never worked! Never.

We should look at the very clear results! It’s not really arguable–the data are in. Now it’s true that hard Leftists are famously more tightly and even rigidly tied to their ideology than to empirical evidence. But is it even possible to dispute it now?

The best argument by a Leftist I have heard is: “The economy is cyclical, and it just happened that this ‘down’ time fell under a hard Left President.”

Yes, yes, but it always happens this way! It is clearly more than just a coincidence. When I lose 100 times out of 100, maybe it isn’t just chance. In scientific (or statistical) terms, this is a non-random finding. Something is going on, here!

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