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Understand well,

NO ONE is safe. NO ONE is exempt. No One.

And this tells us an important truth, and it has direct meaning regarding the Trump-hating Left: It just doesn’t matter who it is.

Trump is not special in terms of being the object of Lefty ire. If DeSantis had won the primaries, he would have been treated in exactly the same way! And you’re a blamed fool to think otherwise.

I mean, remember when it looked like DeSantis might win the nomination? There was all sorts of Lefty squealing about how he was actually “worse than Trump.”

Trump is not uniquely “triggering” to the Left! Not even. No, anyone non-Democrat running would get the very same treatment. Please, don’t be confused on this. It simply makes no difference at all. Look at RFK, Jr., for Pete’s sake! NO SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION FOR YOU!

All their fussing and flapping now is not AT ALL exclusive to Trump! Anyone who dared stand in the way of their rush for power would get the exact same treatment! Anyone.