Political Intrigue

Is Morris correct?

Maybe. But he really doesn’t have a stellar track record in terms of predictions. So yeah, maybe…

“They will keep them until a few days before the convention and then he would announce he’s not running, release his delegates, and there would be a floor fight for the nomination,” Morris said. “But at least there wouldn’t be a long primary battle.”

And it’s true, a floor fight would at least partially address the Kamala problem, since it wouldn’t technically be the DNC ham-handedly installing someone else over her. This may indeed be the “softest landing” available to Democrats. And don’t be confused–Republicans would beat them about the head and shoulders over it!

BUT, even though it may be the best of the crappy options Democrats have, I still think there would be a lot of angry (or at least alienated and disaffected and very unenthusiastic) African-American voters. I’m not at all sure that Democrats can afford that.

This is, at best, a very imperfect solution. But it may indeed be the best that Democrats have available to them.

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