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“Biden” doesn’t

want “a deal.” Not if it means reining in gov’t spending! “He” wants utter capitulation. He wants ALL the Republicans to be RINOs and just prostrate themselves before him! He wants them to lie down so he can walk on them. He want ALL Republicans to be in the mold of weak patsy RINOs like Mitch McConnell and (horrors!) Mitt Romney.

No. Just no.

So we can sit down and talk, fine. But you want to spend more and go even more in debt and I want to spend less and decrease the debt.

(example) You want to spend $100 and I want to save $100. So tell me, just where is the “common ground,” here?

Tell you what: Let’s split the difference and spend $0 more. That’s half-way. I’ll meet you halfway. Flexibility and all. I don’t think that’s at all ideal, but at least it’s not spraying gasoline on an already out-of-control conflagration!

But this is why you don’t ever vote for a Democrat! Thank Heaven there seems to be saner (conservative) heads around to put just a bit of a bridle on this Democrat explosive-diarrhea spending!

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