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Yes, Democrats

Should be very worried!

The issue is that Joe Biden is senile old incompetent, and the DNC knows it. In fact, that’s why he’s there in the first place.

The Democrats were obviously hoping that the drooling shell they have running as an incumbent president wouldn’t be challenged at all. They can’t have Biden in any sort of contest with other people, as he is in a constant struggle with himself. They just want to get Sir Sniffsalot back to the basement and record the occasional video where First Lady DOCTOR Cruella de Biden can do all of the talking.

But something happened on the way to Democrat Nirvana: Regular Democrat people revolted. NO ONE actually likes Joe. Oh sure, they might hold their noses and vote for him, depending on circumstances, but they don’t actually like him!

And that is a HUGE problem if Republicans run anyone but Donald Trump—and probably even him. Kennedy is a dang kook, and yet look how well he’s doing against the INCUMBENT Biden right now! THAT should tell you something…

Frankly, I’m surprised that more Democrats have not gotten into the race. THAT speaks to the weakness of the Democrat bench! IF there were a half-decent alternative, Senile Joe would not even be running. In fact, he would never have run in the first place.

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