Yeah well, it

COULD be a nightmare for Biden. That said, regardless of how Leftists hate Biden, they will come back to him because they hate Republicans (and especially Orange Man Bad) even more.

Possible Green Party presidential candidate Cornel West is expected to be a major headache for President Joe Biden in 2024, squashing his chances of securing the Democratic nominee. 

Yeah, maybe. But I’m not at all sure…

During an interview with The Post, West claimed Biden committed “crimes against humanity” against black Americans. He accused the 80-year-old president of encouraging mass incarceration among minorities after Biden sponsored a tough-on-crime federal Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act as a senator in 1994.

Oh, West is a nutjob, no question about it. BUT, he could peel off enough African American votes to give Biden real trouble in the general. And add in RFK, Jr…

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