Captain Obvious Evil

Oh yeah, we

know it wasn’t.

“I’ll be honest, academics was not at the forefront of what we were pushing our teachers to push to their students. It really wasn’t. It was, how do we build a sense of community?”

Used to be that education was about, well, education. But this kind of crappery has consequences. Paid for in the ignorance of children. THAT is the Lefty coin of the realm. Because ignorant and clueless people vote Democrat.

“While Wasatch District students gained two months of progress in math and reading compared to their same-age peers in 2019, Juab students lost roughly a year of ground in both subjects,” according to a Harvard-Stanford analysis, the Education Recovery Scorecard. Wasatch also ranked among the best in the state in Utah’s data on learning loss, while Juab was among the worst.

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