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Yes, that weakness

has to be really quite alarming for Biden!

President Joe Biden is heading into election year showing “alarming weakness” among “stalwarts” of the Democrat base — black, Hispanic, and young voters, according to a new poll.

And there is another, perhaps bigger issue: Once Blacks and Hispanics and young people vote Republican, a psychological boundary has been crossed and it is far easier for them to go there again and to influence others to change, as well.

And even if they don’t directly influence many others, the simple fact that they voted Republican very much changes the culture. A person might say, “Aunt Mary voted Republican, but not the rest of us. She was always a bit counter-culture.” But then, such a deviation from tradition is FAR from unheard of! And so it is subsequently much easier for others to go down that path…

Aunt Mary then is not a pariah, but a cultural rebel—part of a cultural vanguard!

As a Leftist would say, “Disturbing!”

Biden sucking so horribly does NOT just have implications for the coming elections. There are long-term electoral ramifications, as well.