Epic fail

Yes, Nikki FAILey

is a squish. Also: A HUGE loser. Big-time. Did you somehow NOT know that? DeSantis beat her in Iowa. DeSantis (note, I like DeSantis in many ways)–But I mean, look at his poll numbers! And she lost to him. Let that sink in for a moment!

Nikki crumps a lot. She is simply not reliably Conservative. She sells out.

But I really don’t think she is long for the GOP nomination world. And I think she would be a VERY bad VP pick–though I have heard people argue the contrary and those arguments are SO convincing that… I can’t even recall what they are–maybe something about how she can get the squish vote. Sure “squishes” will vote for Donald Trump just because an unpopular and squishy Nikki FAILey is on the ticket. Yeah sure, whatever…