Political philosophy

It’s both interesting

and heartening: The Left cheated like a bugger in 2020. But 1) their policies are roundly despised and have led to untold misery, and 2) the best they could do was a senile Joe Biden.

Their people and policies could only get in via fraud. Normal people shy away from Leftist ideology like a rearing stallion. They can’t win through persuasion, logic, and truth. They can only win through force, fraud and pretending to be something they’re not–mainly by pretending that they are far more conservative than they really are.

In short, Leftism needs two things to function at all: Deception and force. And neither of those things are lasting or stable. Yes, they may “work” for a little while, but they are not durable. And they are not long-term solutions. They are inherently unstable. And they WILL fall, eventually. It will eventually take more resources to keep them up than they produce. Just as we saw with the USSR.

I find that strangely comforting…