Political philosophy

It seems so

counter-intuitive, yet it is SO pervasive! So why? These guys chuck homosexuals off rooftops and yet the Left LOVES them and defends them? Why do western Leftists love them so? I mean, Muslims usually have no love for them and would immediately toss them off rooftops if they could! So why?

It is a complicated story. But one key part of that story is the way that civil rights, which began as a cause, became an ideology. Eventually that ideology metastasized into “anti-racism,” a radical legal doctrine that scholar John McWhorter suggests is nothing less than a secular “religion.” 

I think that is pretty much correct. The Left freely engages in a modern-day pseudo-religious Manicheanism, a black-and-white style of thinking, where ALL who don’t agree with them are seen as…. threatening heretics. Leftists are, at heart, religious extremists.

In other words, for a Leftist, disagreement with them is itself proof of being “bad” and wrong and evil. And they must be rigid and vigilant and even extreme or the “evil” Conservatives might overcome the “righteous” Leftists! And no act is morally wrong or too extreme when implemented in the service of stamping out these dangerous wrong and heretical ideas. Manicheanism.

A Conservative may see a Leftist as being wrong, but not necessarily evil (though of course some are)–the only real arbiter of right and wrong is data, a historical empiricism, if you will. In general, though, Conservatism is pretty darn live-and-let-live.

But for a Leftist, they may (may) casually admit that throwing gays off rooftops is, uh, problematic, but those on the Right who openly disagree with them are evil heretics who are threats and who must be destroyed! Of course, they face no imminent threat of being thrown off a rooftop. At least not right now. THAT is the “cheap grace” of American Leftism!

We’ve seen the progression of Leftism. It started as a cause. Then it grew into an ideology. And then it metastasized into a secular religion, complete with doctrine, heretics, absolution, indulgences, and a “priestly” class. And THAT is where we are now…

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