Some businesses

have to learn the hard way not to sell out to the wokesters.

Naturally, no lessons were learned, though [ed. previously]. Instead, Pepsi doubled down again and again, desperately seeking Democratic Party approval like a sad stalker peering into their obsession’s window. 

… On that note, Pepsi is [now] learning the hard way why selling out to woke Democrats is a bad idea. New York AG Letitia James is suing the company for billions of dollars, claiming that its use of plastics harms the environment. 

… Republicans spent years warning these big companies that getting into bed with the Democratic Party would come back to bite them. Instead, we were maligned and attacked for even making the suggestion. You see, the big-brained CEOs at places like Pepsi knew better. They thought they could control the destructive behemoth they were happily feeding. 

You know what they say, “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” And it’s even worse; Pepsi thought these Lefty wackos were (to them) tame slavering monsters.

Welp, guess what?…