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Let’s not kid

ourselves: Fani Willis admits the affair, but her admitting it now is just a forced confession–a strategic retreat, if you will. If this had not become public, she would have just gone on and continued to legally persecute her victims.

As is so often the case with with Leftists, this is NOT an acknowledgement of wrongdoing with an intent to change. It is merely the shrieks of the damned. BIG difference!

“Let us be clear: if Mr. Roman had not uncovered the now-admitted personal relationship between Willis and Wade, no one may have ever known about it,” the filing says. “That raises the obvious and important question: If they had nothing to hide in the first place because they did nothing wrong, then why did they intentionally not tell anyone about it until they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar?”

… “While the DA admits to an intimate relationship with her employee Special Asst. DA Wade, she fails to provide full transparency and necessary financial details,” Sadow said. “Indeed, she says absolutely nothing about the so-called ‘coincidence’ of Wade filing for divorce the day after the DA hired him!”