Republicans, you

gotta stop being snookered by this crap! What are you, stupid? I mean, Democrats OWN this fiasco and you are dumb enough to voluntarily share the blame? Honestly, it’s just unreal! I mean, how dumb can you be? SHEESH!

Realizing that Joe Biden’s open southern border will be a devastating issue in November, Democrats are desperately seeking cover. Their plan is to trick Congressional Republicans into another immigration “compromise” that will legalize much illegal immigration, in exchange for which Biden will belatedly take a few inadequate steps to rein in the invasion. Thus making the border a bipartisan fiasco. How many times have the Democrats used this ploy?

There are, fortunately, a few non-stupid Republicans trying to keep their low-IQ compatriots from waking unthinkingly into this obvious trap. We can only hope they succeed!

Some Republicans aren’t dumb enough to fall for it. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has been a strong supporter of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. She went on CNN, not for an interview but for a debate with the host:

Biden could do something about it IF he wanted. He doesn’t. He already has ALL the legal grounds he needs. But the truth is he just doesn’t want to. But he DOES want to get Republicans to dirty their hands on the issue!