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Will Biden

be gone?

Yeah, maybe. But I kind of doubt it. I’m not saying it can’t happen–it can. I mean, the man is over 80 years old! And it could be that there is eventually no choice at all. But then just who will they run? Kamala?

Well, she is certainly not a great candidate. She is an extension of the very unpopular Biden regime! And replacing her with a white male like Gavin Newsom is a huge problem. That is not gonna go over well with a lot of Democrat voters, especially the Black community.

Yeah, what about just how the Black community will respond? The best option is obviously to run Michelle Obama, though she is totally untested as a candidate. She also has said she doesn’t want to run, though I guess that could change. Still, it’s hard to imagine her having the “fire in the belly” needed to run successfully.

I just don’t think that is a really good option. And that move kind of reeks of desperation. Besides, there is no indication that Kamala would go softly into that good night in any case. And then what?

So who?