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Grisham has

inadvertently done gun civil rights activists a favor. She has shown that yes, the anti-gun buts ARE coming after your gun rights! They lie about it, bit that is, in fact, their end game. She has dropped the mask, and what has been seen cannot be unseen…

In the mean time, while her order was a gun control and public relations disaster, the power-hungry Governor succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams in uniting the gun rights community. A couple of hundred New Mexicans showed up over the weekend in an Albuquerque park — almost all of them armed — to protest the order and, in effect, tell Governor Karen to come and take them. The protest was peaceful (of course) and no one attempted to enforce the Governor’s illegal suspension of their Second Amendment carry rights.

… The next time Gavin Newsom, Kathy Hochul, Phil Murphy and others laughably claim that no one wants to take away their guns and say they respect gun owners’ Second Amendment rights, the first thing millions of Americans — and not all of them gun owners — will think of going forward is how Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham broke the law and tried to take away those rights.

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