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I honestly don’t

think that “Biden” (we are legion) will run in 2024. I don’t believe that the Democrats will nominate him. He is too much of an albatross around their necks.

I am willing to admit that I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. Biden is getting SO senile so fast now, that I don’t see how he could do it. PLUS, the whole Hunter this is exposing Joe as a nefarious old mob boss (with Hunter as the bag-man).

Joe simply can’t manage the demands of even a reduced campaign. And it is very clear now that he has long been a dishonest jerk. Could Democrats win through voter fraud again? Oh certainly, but everyone is FAR more on the lookout for it now—the degree of difficulty has increased significantly. So yes, it could happen again, but I think it is less likely.

Plus, people understand well that there is a better than even chance that Biden would not live or be functional for the entire term, and THAT means Kamala Harris is front-and-center in the 2024 decision. And “Kackles Kamala” is a horrible candidate!

So the DNC could replace Kamala with, say, Gavin Newsom, but that entails real problems, also. First and foremost is that much of the Black voter population will be (rightfully) enraged and unspeakably offended. Some would switch to the Republican side, but many would just not vote at all. I mean, just think of the optics in forcing a Black woman out and putting a white male in! Hmmmm, I wonder how THAT will go over? Plus, Newsom is quite vulnerable to attack.

And then if RFK, Jr. gets into the race (as it seems he will), Democrats are hosed even more. And what if RFK, Jr, and Joe Manchin enter? NOW we are in bloodbath territory for Democrats!

Now, I don’t think Manchin will actually run. As I have said, he has a long history of being all hat and no cattle. When the rubber hits the road he is likely to crump.

RFK, Jr. is a kook, but I think he is far more likely to actually give it a rip. And he is less beholden financially and socially to the Democrat machine. But I think he will still probably be forced out by the DNC. Almost for sure.

BUT, if Biden doesn’t run, who else is there? Who else has name recognition and experience and is not widely hated? And why would we assume that Kamala will just meekly step aside? <crickets chirp>

Rock, meet hard place…

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