Lefty Political Strategy

I’m not at all

sure the 2020 strategy will work for Biden in 2024 (assuming he runs again).

Plus, people are more aware and watchful of voter fraud now, and it will be harder for him to cheat like he did in 2020.

Lefty Political Strategy Lefty Violence

You are only

shocked if you have no freakin’ knowledge of history!

Yes, yes, Lefties are offended. But you know I’m right. Just ask a Lefty to denounce ANTIFA! They almost always won’t. Because that is who they ARE!

Lefty Political Strategy Political philosophy

Democrats need

to pay attention to this huge disconnect!

There’s a gaping divide in the Democratic Party between institutional public opinion — party leaders, lawmakers, donors, consultants — and the actual voters who ultimately decide elections, recent polling shows.

Corruption Lefty Political Strategy

Ahhh, now

we see the FIRST walkback! Trust me, it won’t be the last…

Remember, we’ve seen this shuck-and-jive several times before.

For example, in the last 20 years, at first Democrats claimed that there IS no voter fraud. That didn’t fit the facts, so the line became, “OK, there is no significant voter fraud.

That didn’t fit the facts, either. So it became, “Sure, significant voter fraud might exist, but it hasn’t changed the outcome of an election.”

But it became clear that THAT was factually incorrect, too. So the next position was a frantically defensive, “Well, you’re just a paranoid wacko, and besides, Republicans do it, too so it is justified!”

The final position now is to just blithely refuse to discuss it at all. And THAT position goes hand-in-glove with the Democrat refusal to even hear (let alone debate) a contrary POV. Do. Not. Leave. The. Circle. Of. Safety!

Captain Obvious Lefty Political Strategy Losers


Romney is a jerk, and it’s nice to have Gabbard hammer his sorry butt! It’s quite sad to see Romney devolve into a slightly less corrupt version of Harry Reid…

You know, Romney should know better. He was falsely (and knowingly falsely) accused of tax evasion by Harry Reid, and he was utterly savaged by the Left. They said all sorts of false and really bad things about him. Yet he rigidly and stupidly keeps feeding the vicious animal that has repeatedly bit him. You’d think he would figure it out, but no…

Current Events Deception Lefty Political Strategy

Please, more MTG.

Less Romney.

The truth is, RINOs are a dying breed. Back in the late 90s, when RINOs walked the earth, we were forced to put up with a lot of betrayal and stupidity.

Like this:

Instead of more MTGs who take their gloves off and fight, we get Mittens. At the State of the Union, Romney called out Republican Congressman George Santos who lies so much, he could be a Biden, except Mitt never called out a Biden.

But MTG is the new model of things. Mitt Romney is the old one, the encased-in-concrete dinosaur. He is, thankfully, a dying breed, and understand well that he was only elected because he lied about who he really is to the good people of Utah! He took the paradigmatic Lefty deceptiveness to heart, and falsely represented himself. And the people of Utah screwed up–they trusted him.

Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, Paul Ryan and every other poseur conservative who stabbed their party’s 2016 nominee in the back always cited principle. They never said what that principle was.

Principle my butt! Being a craven Wormtongue is NOT being principled…

The original RINO

Opponents are OK with me. Traitors are not. I’m fine with opposition–but not with pretending to be something you aren’t.

Lefty Political Strategy

So, I’m kinda

wondering. Aren’t you? The mindless NPC drones won’t even ask themselves the question…

Dishonesty Lefty Political Strategy

It’s WAY worse

than they will admit.

They did the Democrat thing: Just lie to hide the bad news!

Lefty Political Strategy


Democrats no longer believe. The science deniers!

Lefty empty-headed shills Lefty Political Strategy

Yeah, I hear from

Lefties all the time that what Hunter Biden did was, “No big deal.” But it’s just an excuse for paste-eatingly dumb Leftism.

Yeah, if it is “No big deal” then you certainly won’t mind it being investigated!