Despotism Evil Lefty Political Strategy

Oh really?


What’s important here is that there is a MAJOR walk-back going on with many of the wacky COVIDarian despots. They are desperately trying to re-write history, saying that they didn’t know everything then but they were just doing the best they could.

Please, don’t let them weasel out of it.

They used COVID to live out their despotic fantasies, not caring that they permanently damaged kids and that people lost their livelihoods over this.

They were perfectly willing to be evil in order to gain power and dominion over others. They were FULL of self-righteous indignation–backed up with force. And the Lefty narrative was much more important than the suffering of real people. In it the mask slipped and we saw the ugly reality of Leftism.

I think it is truly scary that so many took the side of the bully. Now we have seen how people supported the NAZIs… It was not a desire to do evil that motivated them. It was “righteous authoritarianism” with a whiff of enforced maniacal asceticism that was historically, and recently, in full bloom.

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