Speaking of

A-B and circling drains

Current Events

It very much

appears that FoxNews has been flushed down the “GetWokeGoBroke” toilet. That giant sucking sound is Fox circling the drain!

First it was the 2020 AZ fiasco. THAT really torqued viewers off! And now it appears that Rupert Murdoch has fired the cash cow Tucker Carlson. Wow, talk about crappy business sense! Now they have devolved into CNN with a bit more eye candy!

It’s an amazingly bone-headed business move. Leftists will never like or tune in to FoxNews, and now Fox’s primary audience is rightfully leaving in disgust. Who on earth thought this was somehow a good idea?

Leftists absolutely won’t watch them. And now they have alienated normal people. So who will even watch FoxNews now?

It’s kinda like Bud Light alienating “Joe Sixpack” and thinking that “woke” champagne drinkers will just jump in and save their bacon. Hey, both beverages are kinda amber colored!

I mean, honestly, how stupid can you be?


I think I’m

going to have a heart attack and die from that surprise!

Current Events Morality

You know,

the sand is starting to shift.

Now, I’m not so naïve as to think that the corruption is on the cusp of being eradicated. No, I think there is always likely to be corruption.

But some movement in the direction of justice and morality is good to see!

Guys, it’s shifting.

“And the lesson is if you stand up to the mob for just a day or two, their shallow, impatient, immature smartphone-driven gerbil minds will forget about it and go on to the next nothing-burger, and you, you still will have your cojones,” Maher concluded. 


You know what

they say: Get woke, go broke

Bud Light’s sales declined in the first week of a conservative-led boycott of the brand after it partnered with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, according to analysis.

Keep it up, folks!

“Well, it looks like they’ve come out with this pro-America, patriotic old school Budweiser looking ad with the Clydesdales and the red, white, and blue and all that,” Rich said last week on Fox News. “Well, a little late for that. You know, the American public. We’re never left alone anymore. We literally can’t go anywhere without something divisive or political being thrown into our face.”


Yeah, not fishy

at all! Did YOU vote for this guy? Where is your morality?

Sheesh! What is wrong with you?

Age-related decline Media Flying Monkeys

Et tu,

New York Times?

I’m telling you, the “hit” on Biden is out.

Have you noticed that there seems to be a campaign emerging to second guess Joe Biden’s decision to run for reelection? Throughout his first term as president, the legacy media and progressive online sites have turned a blind eye to Biden’s obvious decline, both mentally and physically. Suddenly something changed. Over the weekend, two major newspapers published editorials pointing out that Biden’s age cannot be ignored.

See, the MSM is usually a BIG cheerleader for any Democrat. But they are also prone to abruptly turn on you in certain circumstances.

They blithely pretend that them being a total Biden suck-up isn’t actually the truth, but in reality they have very much been shamed for their servile, partisan hack behavior. So they are eager NOW, in this small window of time, to show that they are not just sniveling, cringing Wormtongues. And that renders them more likely in the immediate-term to turn on Joe in kind of an overcompensation sort of way.

They are indeed cringing, but they are also threatened both financially and in terms of their self-image. In dogs, they call this “shy-sharp.” Don’t kid yourself, a cringing dog is a dangerous dog! “Biden” is dangerous…

My prediction is that once Biden announces, the MSM will be fully on board the Biden Senility Bus™. But until that happens, their support is far less stable…

Cowardice Dementia Joe Lefty Political Strategy

Must… protect…


This is just the next step in Democrat psychopathological avoidance…

That’s precisely why the debates won’t happen. The Democratic National Committee knows that Williamson is nutty, and it thinks Kennedy is nutty, too, and it’s well aware that the less the public sees the dementia patient who pretends to be president, the better. They’re going with Biden for reelection, and they know that he can only hurt his own chances by standing toe-to-toe against a man who can actually articulate a coherent sentence and defend his positions, as well as against a woman who, however loopy she may be, looks like Madame Curie next to Old Joe.

And so despite the fact that RFK, who has never been a national figure, immediately jumped to 14%, there will be no real Democrat race. There will just be a coronation. No one should have ever expected that anything would be different. After all, these people have made it abundantly clear that they don’t really like disagreement and want to silence dissent. Why would they allow it within their own party?

Current Events

I really do think

Trump is going off the rails of the crazy train, here. And it doesn’t speak well of him.

And I’m actually quite sad to see it. Things were set up so beautifully, and now Trump has seemingly kicked all the carefully crafted LEGO buildings over in a fit of pique. And why? Why on this green earth?

It just seems like SUCH a huge self-inflicted wound! It is an epic fail. A self-own on a cosmic scale! I would say to Trump, “You were SO close!

But Trump is not just slamming an exceptional Republican governor with his stupid attacks, he’s attacking the very best Republican policies and the model Republican state.

Look, Trump was indeed cheated out of a second term. And he has been treated abysmally and shamefully by the kooky, sneering Left. And spineless (and/or traitorous) “Republicans” (looking at you, Romney!) aided and abetted the fraud and evil and incompetence. Yes, absolutely.

But this is sheer madness! And worse, the infighting and squabbling is among ourselves at the very time when we should be entirely focused on the utter mess the malicious Left has made of virtually everything!

THIS is how you get overrun by enemies. THIS is how you snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Trump, thank you for doing such a great job as President. And I’m truly sorry that the Left hosed you over so badly and so unfairly. I agree: It was bad and it was unfair. In fact, it was morally disgusting.

But now it’s time to get on the team or get the crap out of here! I’m not trying to sound harsh, but someone needs to tell you the unvarnished truth, and I’m not sure those around you are giving you that.

This is NOT about you. It is FAR bigger than that. You love your country–now don’t fracture the patriot coalition and harm it! If you are going to defeat DeSantis, do it straight up–don’t try and do it by telling obvious lies about him! THAT is how we lose our country.

Many of us were impressed in 2016 by your refreshing honesty. It was a breath of fresh air, and the contrast with the morally despicable Hillary couldn’t have been greater. And so you won.

But don’t become a “swamp creature.” Don’t abandon your biggest selling point and become just like the lying Democrats. Hold the line. This is far bigger than just you…

Current Events

Good question:

Why now? I think it is a furtive effort to get rid of senile old Joe. He has served his purpose, and now will be kicked to the curb.

See, now he is a liability. No one ever was all that excited about Joe Biden. Yes, many people irrationally hated Donald Trump, and Biden pretended to be a “moderate” and so it seemed OK to vote for him (though far more against Trump). But once in office, “Biden” (we are legion) was not moderate at all, and governed as an extreme Lefty.

But the MSM, who covered for old Joe, big-time in 2020, now has their long knives out for him. A bit. In secret, if at all possible. The claws are still partially retracted, let’s say. But still, a little is better than none!

Is this the Left’s last-ditch effort to take him off the board before the 2024 election? Sure looks like it.