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16 Jan

Mueller’s got NOTHING! This is all just an expensive pile of dung. It is pure injustice that he is even still around.

Get this idiot out of here!


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The “Steele Dossier” is a very obvious

14 Jan

pack of lies. How do you know? Two things:

First, if it wasn’t, Democrats would be falling all over themselves to publish it. It’s not like they have been at all shy about criticizing Trump. If the Dossier furthered that goal, it would be public. Plain and simple. The only reason it is not in the public domain is that it damages Democrats and exonerates Trump. THAT is why we don’t have the details. The fact that you have never seen the Dossier should tell you loads. The only hope is that some Republican leaks it!

Second, there is a major congressional investigation into the matter now. It has now become clear that the Dossier was used as the basis for FISA warrants used to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign. The miscreants certainly don’t want this to come to light in an investigation. It was “dirty tricks.” It also may well torpedo other Mueller indictments–fruit of a poisoned tree and all that. In other words, if the basis for the warrant was corrupt, false, and untenable, can the results of the warrant be used in court?

It’s pretty dang obvious that this was just a smear campaign. Tell me again, just why  Mueller is there?

Here are some quotes, since I am not sure you can get through the stupid paywall…

Which you have to admit sounds a lot better than “Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Conjured Up an Opposition-Research Document That Was Fed to the Obama FBI, Which Then Used It to Spy on the Trump Campaign.” Even if that’s a more accurate headline…


The risk for anti-Trumpers—especially those doubling down on the dossier—is that the black-and-white documents will blow their latest narrative to oblivion. It isn’t as if there is much in the record to date to support it

Remember this when it comes time to vote in November. The nutty foaming-at-the-mouth Dems are bent in impeaching Trump and removing him from office. The more sane ones are silently supporting the kooky ones. But they really have the same agenda. Meanwhile, the Trump economy is going through the roof. Please, don’t stop this progress by voting for a Democrat! They may not be the kooky leader, but they are silently marching in the ranks. They are just hedging their bets and biding their time…

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So what will

10 Jan

happen to the Bundy prosecutors who lied?

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10 Jan


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If this

10 Jan

doesn’t enrage you, it is almost certainly because you are OK with unfairness as long as you like the final outcome. Is injustice OK with you as long as you like the verdict? And if so, what does that say about … YOU?

Robespierre showed us that those who instigate terror may eventually face the guillotine themselves. If you find yourself siding with the Jacobins, don’t be shocked when they come after YOU. Uh, they are Jacobins! We frequently saw that in the old Soviet union. We are seeing some of that now with some of the one-time “snowflakes.” We saw that with Taylor Swift. You can bet that we will be seeing a lot more of it…

Be very careful what you seek!

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Well, surprise, surprise (hardly).

09 Jan

Abedin lied about the emails. Shocker.

So why isn’t she in jail with Felonia von Pantsuit?

Oh, I forgot for a split second. Because Comey and others are equally corrupt. DUH!

And yet you think Mueller is NOT corrupt? You fool.

Yeah, Huma is an affront to Afghan Hounds everywhere.

Huma Abadin


It is pretty dang clear

08 Jan

that there is no equal justice before the law.

Hillary has long been corrupt, and she deserves to be in prison. If there were any justice, Huma would join her there. It is sickening. And it is a direct threat to justice itself.


The Russia

03 Jan

narrative has always been a steaming pile of poo.

Even “Never-Trump” morons are finally starting to get that. The whole Mueller crap-fest should pick up it’s saggy drawers and go home. PUH-LEESE!

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28 Dec

there is rumbling. This could be a HUGE issue for Mueller. And just one more reason for us normals to not give a crap what Mueller says. It’s already quite clear that the only corruption has been with… Mueller. He is on a witch hunt, plain and simple. And that has totally ruined his reputation.


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Your “unbiased” Department of “Justice.”

28 Dec

Huh. Now why do you think that is?

Right now, there is NOT an unbiased Justice Department.

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