The Democrats

should be very worried. This may not happen. But it very well might. And to have it happen in France may well be a harbinger of what will happen here.

Why? Because in a huge shift, the left and the right hate the establishment more than they hate each other. Gurfinkiel says that what he calls the “Resentment Coalition” of left and right could command as much as 60% of the electorate. (It turns out that the “fringes,” put together, might make a supermajority.)

… The 2016 election of President Donald Trump was something of a “Resentment Coalition” victory itself. And that’s because our establishment has given citizens a lot to resent. (Media organizations promised to look into the Trump phenomenon, then quickly turned to demonizing Trump’s voters instead.)

If the establishment doesn’t want that, maybe it should stop inspiring resentment.

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