Corruption Evil

In the immortal

words of Gilbert Godfrey, “I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die from THAT surprise!”

If you didn’t know Joe is neck-deep in Hunter’s self-serving evil, you are stupid, deliberately ignorant, or both.

Smoking gun evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s shady business ventures has emerged in the form of a college recommendation letter for the son of a Chinese executive.

… Maxey said the the U.S. government’s nefarious activities “should terrify every single decent person in the West.”

Not convinced yet? Look at this.

“I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years,” Hunter Biden groused to daughter Naomi in January 2019. “It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.” Pop is Joe Biden.

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