Government Spending

Guys, we had BETTER

get serious about this crap! Because it is a real threat to the country. It can’t go on forever, and it won’t.

We are now at crisis levels. Democrats blithely spend and spend, and all too often Republicans go along with it. With varying degrees of enthusiasm, yes, but they are willingly complicit.

It’s the classic “tragedy of the commons” studied in economics: ALL gains are personal, while the costs are spread out among us.

But the “tragedy” is indeed coming. It can’t NOT come. I have no faith at all that Democrats will ever reign in spending, and very little that Republicans will. These folks are focused on the short-term. But eventually, the long-term catches up!

It’s probably not quite too late right now. But the precipice is rapidly getting closer, and it is certainly in view right now. PUT ON THE BRAKES!

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