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Yes, daddy


In 2018, according to the Pew data, college graduates — of both sexes — voted for Biden over Trump by a 26-point margin. Much of the male portion of that group is ruing their Biden votes, as the new NBC numbers show. So why are lots of men willing to admit that they were wrong in 2020, while the college-educated women as a group are not only not sharing regrets but doubling down?

And THIS is exactly it for Democrat women and also for many dyed-in-the-wool Democrat male voters:

And if college-educated women admit they were wrong about Trump and Biden in 2020, where does it stop? Once “fierce women” admit they could be wrong about something so big as their selection of the president of the formerly free world, that opens the door for being wrong about other big things that contradict their conception of always being right to follow their feelings.

In other words, it’s narcissism. It’s malignant self-esteem. See, a Leftist admitting they were wrong about one thing sends that whole political house of cards tumbling down! Leftists in general can’t tolerate being wrong about anything, because naturally, if they are not rooted in facts and reason about one thing, do they have reliable knowledge about other things?

And just how would you know?

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