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I think people

are starting to have had enough! Good!

The complaint notes that even a number of Democratic senators have opposed the administration’s decision to end Title 42 effective May 23, quoting Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who called it a “frightening decision.”

Democrats, assuming a free and fair election (not at all a safe assumption), you know what is coming in November, right?

When my son was a toddler we were at my brother’s house, and the boy was on the porch with us watching him through the large windows. Well, he found the cat dish at started eating the cat food. When mom saw this she stood up and knocked on the window to get him to stop.

But the boy heard the knocking and it was like a starter pistol going off. He very quickly started pounding cat food hand over fist–he knew that the gig was up and that he dang well better get as much cat food as possible before mom got there!

Democrats are pounding cat food right now. They know that “mom” is coming in November and they had better get as much crap “eaten” as possible before then.

Cat food Democrats.

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