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Was the 2020 loss

a blessing in disguise?

It certainly unmasked a TON of people, from national RINOs to your local friend that you didn’t know was such a rigid Lefty nutcase.

But it is true that a tie that was ultimately decided by House members would not have been at all ideal.

But I think that in a free and fair election Trump would have won outright. It never would have gotten to the House.

It’s a decent article, though I think the author does indeed make a few egregious errors of basic logic. For example, inflation simply wouldn’t be the monster it now is if Trump were enacting policy–it is Biden and the Democrats’ explosive diarrhea deficit spending that engendered that (though I acknowledge that Trump was a bigger spender than I prefer).

The energy industry would have been fine. Gas would have been $1.90 a gallon not $5-plus. Boy, THAT alone would make a huge difference! Everything would have been cheaper, since trucking costs would not have skyrocketed! Therefore, no inflation crisis…

I think this guy takes the worst-case scenario of Trump’s imaginary actions. He talks about how bad it would’ve been for Trump if Russia had invaded Ukraine on his watch. But Biden was hosing things up well before the Ukraine thing.

But the reality is that Russia may very well have NOT invaded Ukraine at all if Trump had been President. A TON of problems, both foreign and domestic, would almost for sure not have even happened at all under Trump!

So we can’t take the counter-factual just 1 foot when the story goes on for miles… And it would have been a far different story than what we are seeing now.

I personally think that probably the biggest thing was the unmasking of the Left and the malignant (soi-disant) “middle.” Both on the national and the personal level. There really are now fewer illusions, and now we better know who and what people actually are than we did before.

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