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no one wants to go back! And wise employers make tele-work possible.

Only about one in five knowledge workers say they want to work in the office full-time, yet 35% are making the five-day-a-week commute, compared to 19% of executives.

… “This effect could be most pronounced among women, people of color, and working parents (especially working mothers), who continue to report the greatest interest in flexible schedules and working locations,” the research pointed out. Employees who say that their employer is not being “transparent about their future of work plans” are nearly four times as likely to say that they will “definitely” seek a new job in the next year.

I was at home working and had computer problems. The IT guy “modemed” in to my computer, fixed it, and we were done. Glorious! It took maybe 10 minutes start to finish. I guarantee you that is was probably 10 times faster than if I had been at the office.

Sure, it’s not possible for surgeons and patient care. THOUGH, at the height of the “pandemic” I had an appointment with my neurologist AND then with my primary care provider. Both were routine follow-up appointments, and both were done via tele-medicine.

And I loved it! As a disabled person, driving to the Dr.’s office and getting my electric scooter out of the car is a total pain in the butt. And it is at least an hour each way for one of the visits (though it IS nearly 45 minutes for the other once you count getting the scooter out). It was luxury for me to sit in my home office and do the routine visit–and then get back to my work.

It’s not always possible or advisable. But when it is…

So it is really no shocker at all that many workers want to continue with tele-work. I certainly don’t blame them.

Sure, if I am a roofer or a mechanic or surgeon or dentist, tele-work is not a great option. But if I am an accountant? If my job is to maintain inventory? If I am a consultant?

And don’t kid yourself–the political climate shifts considerably when you are home all day and NOT influenced so much by break-room chatter and you see your kids all the time!

You might even be able to do homeschooling! And given the crap that is our public schools, you might decide to try it. Besides, you already did it when the schools shut down–there’s no longer any question that you can, and mostly homeschooling is significantly better than public schools, anyway. And if your work is even a little flexible it’s no problem.

You really see and feel what is important.

Leftists hardest hit…

Yes, Leftists are getting hoisted on their own petard, here.

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