believable! Oh my Heavens!

I’ve been around psychopathology A TON in my career. And this is still breathtaking for me.

A bobblehead? Really?

Wow! Can you say, “malignant narcissism?” Holy crap! This is the 50 megaton atomic bomb of psychopathology! 

Think about it: Would YOU decorate your office with photos of YOU with famous people? Think about how you would have to BE in order to do that. I mean, a photo of you with a famous person would just generate a shrug from me.

But this? And you make sure a prominent interview takes place there so you can flaunt it!

But an entire shrine wall? That you make sure is seen? THIS, my friends, is gross personality pathology…

Oh, and here is the HOME office:

Me, me, ME!

Just think about the level of psychopathology demonstrated in these photos!

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