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Let me just

go on record: I don’t want McCarthy (CA 23) around. If I were in the House I would almost for sure not vote for him for Speaker if there were any other choice. He is a liar, and this latest thing shows that in high relief.

But of course I would vote for him over Nancy Pelosi.

And this isn’t at all about Trump. It is about McCarthy being a liar!

McCarthy: In the immortal words of Tom Petty, “Don’t come ’round here no more.”

On the other hand, the Democrats and the MSM (though I repeat myself) are working HARD to drive a wedge between Trump and Conservative voters, and I don’t want to fall into their trap! They are MORE than happy to throw McCarthy under the bus.

I think we Conservatives were stung by what a horrible RINO turd Paul Ryan turned out to be, and now are more than a little skittish. And the tolerance for RINOs is decreasing mostly rapidly…

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