Well, THAT

was fast!

People are willing to help, but it’s quite clear now that this is just despotism. They know that they are being taken advantage of.

My dad used to tell a story when he was alive: A family was driving through their small California town when their car broke down. The church my dad belonged to helped them out. The church people got together and paid for the car repairs. The family stayed overnight at my parents’ house.

When the car was fixed, my dad paid for a tank of gas for them. He told them to go gas up the car while my mom made sandwiches that they said they wanted for the trip.

About 15 minutes later, the guy called from the gas station. He said,”Can you cut off the crusts on those sandwiches? we really don’t like crusts very much.”

My dad was gobsmacked. There was a CDC-level sense of entitlement, here.

Look, we’ve been nice. We’ve even been fairly compliant with all the mask nonsense.

But don’t push it any further…

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