Is RvW

going down? Seems too good to be true.

Though I agree that this should be a state issue. Each state can do what it wants. The Federal just has no business here.

BUT, my worry is this motivate the (bloodthirsty) Left. Joe Biden himself is so utterly boring and uninteresting that most Lefties were just not gonna not gonna get off the couch, put down the Cheetos® and Mountain Dew® and switch off “Love Boat” re-runs for long enough to go vote. Now that is more likely…

But OF COURSE there is buttholery afoot!

There’s such a lack of confidence in institutions, and this leak will only serve to make matters worse. This is a bullying move. The Court should not succumb to bullies. It should investigate and make clear what a violation of confidence this was. This was an attempt to manipulate the Court and should be universally condemned. [emphasis added]

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