You know,

what we need is some government agency to make sure that NO disinformation gets out! I mean, we just can’t have uncredentialed and unapproved people spouting nutty, anti-government conspiracy theories.

We must silence them! Right?

Every time I read anything about it, I can’t believe that it’s happening in the United States of America. Then again, Biden and his puppet masters have been working diligently to make the old Republic unrecognizable.

It really is disgusting. Let’s hope that freedom will prevail and it won’t stand. And there are a TON of micro-bloggers who will simply ignore it.

Biden’s apologists spend all of their time trying to convince us that reality isn’t real. They’re comfortable with lying all the time. The thing is, they’re not very good at it. And the “blame Trump” approach is getting a little long in the tooth.

They just need a pseudonym and a VPN (not that a VPN is infallible, but it does make you MUCH harder to track).

Now let’s just hope Biden doesn’t start babbling about gulags.

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