Election Fraud

Uhm, can

you hear the people sing?

New polling provided to Secrets Monday showed that 84% want voter ID, and huge percentages of black and Hispanic voters are behind the surge in support as the nation readies for the fall congressional midterm elections.

I think for the Democrats, opposing voter ID is both nonsensical (IF you want fairness) and grossly self-serving. It is simply a dog that don’t hunt. If you want free and fair elections, that is.

It is a position bereft of common sense, and is HUGELY unpopular with normal people. Because they see it for what it is–a Lefty boondoggle tailored to make it easier for the Left to steal elections.

It’s the same as with “motor-voter” and all stripes of “non-disabled people voting by mail” schemes. And I think even those have a tenuous hold right now. Several states have recently rightfully rejected such schemes.

The Left wants to wrap itself in the flag of “Democracy” in order to obtain their nefarious goals. And indeed, some are fooled. But that is just putting a happy face mask on the gaping maw of Hell. It’s a ruse.

You know, like the direct election of Senators! It is a “whited sepulcher,” beautiful on the outside but actually full of dead men’s bones and all manner of impurity. THIS is the Left in a nutshell!

But, fortunately, MOST of us are not fooled…

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