Current Events

Do Democrats

know they’re in real trouble?

Honestly, I kinda doubt it. They are pretty dang oblivious to and avoidant of facts.

And they are oblivious to facts because they are so avoidant OF facts! BUT, just as surely as the sun rises in the east:

Political parties must be about the business of winning arguments and winning elections, at some point, lest they wither away. [emphasis added]

… Elected Democrats now have no interest in the average voter because that’s not whom they work for.  It’s the big money foundations and the armies of their paid activists.  They are the ones doing all the ballot-harvesting that is finally being exposed in the 2000 Mules documentary.  They are the ones who can hand a presidential nomination to an Obama, a mansion to a BLM leader, or make a failure like Stacey Abrams very rich.

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