End of the road?

Yeah, let’s hope so.

Roe was an abomination. Content aside, it was as poorly reasoned as Dred Scott or any other thing that has ever come out of SCOTUS

But even without Roe, it by no means indicates that there will be no more infanticide abortion. Oh no, ALL this means is that the states will decide for their area! You just wouldn’t have some Constitutional right (that was conjured out of thin air). MA would have just as much and as easily-obtained abortions as it ever did!

In other words, local elections matter. If it is such a big deal to you whether abortions are or are not legal in your state, you can always move! And “charities” can fly women out of state to kill their babies! This is really not a big problem! Put you money where your mouth is!

Plus, there is a demographic issue here: If today’s spittle-lipped Lefties kill their babies while Conservatives don’t, what will the demographics look like in a generation? Two?

Leftism is just a very poor long-term strategy. It is a moral, intellectual, and demographic dead end.

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