Current Events

Don’t kid yourself,

the Right is racking up wins.

But we need to understand the Ethos of Conservatism.

It means understanding that man is fallen, and society must protect families, workers, traditions, and, yes, the unborn from being wiped aside; oppressed from above.

See, Leftism is ALL about the perfectability of man. THAT is something Conservatism just doesn’t buy (and is therefore less despotic).

But the Right will prevail:

And there are signs that together, we’re beginning to earn wins: that the rock of the permanent, institutional left-wing-revolution is showing cracks.

… In this moment, we don’t need silent partners: We need rebels willing to break the institutions of the left; to battle their champions in their own halls of power. We need men and women willing to fight for traditional wisdom and values; men and women who understand mankind is fallen, and that our elected leaders must protect families, workers, traditions and the unborn.  

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