THIS should

tell you something that is culturally important.

Both Meghan McCain’s and Jill Biden’s books were unbelievable flops coming out. Nurse Ratched Jill’s book sold sold something like 250 copies coming out: first-week sales of just 250 copies of the biography of Jill Biden, Jill: A Biography of the First Lady, by two Associated Press reporters.

But a few days before that:

Meghan McCain’s book sold a mere 244 copies: According to an NPD BookScan provided to Secrets, it sold just 244 copies in the first few days…

That is beyond catastrophic!

It means that a) the culture has shifted, and Lefty ideas just are not popular now. There has been this stark contrast between Conservatism (Trump) and Extreme Wacko Leftism™ (“Biden”) and it is really quite clear that to be aboard the Leftist cruise is to be aboard the ship of the damned–a death ship.

And Leftists are desperate to blur those lines. The last thing on earth they want to face is a measuring stick! Because THAT would end the debate once and for all as to which political philosophy is more functional. No, for the Leftist, rational debate and honest measurement must be avoided at all costs… Circle of Safety and all that.

There is a reason Lefties have concentrated their fire on Trump the person. They avoid rational argument because they don’t dare argue actual policy–that would leave them totally exposed!

It also means that b) Lefties are not motivated at all. Oh sure, the dyed-in-the-wool slavering partisan shills will always be motivated, but regular people? Not so much.

The MSM will dutifully perform their role as palace guards, but it’s not at all clear to me that it will tip the scales this time. Maybe.

But there are other sources of information that are now more or less culturally accepted by most people. Pretty much only the very elderly pay much attention to “the nightly news” now, anyway. And the MSM has proven beyond a doubt that they are shills and liars.

There is a reason that CNN is on the modern Bataan death march! It is the deadly concoction of people not caring and not trusting them.

Plus, the Republicans are now (finally!) refusing the obviously unfair Lefty “debates.” There may be some form of it (and I have some ideas), but the days of Chris Wallace or Candy Crowley openly putting their grubby little thumbs on the scale are over.

Democrats have forced Conservatives to open up the proverbial can…

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