Uhm Conservatives

need to not get cocky. We need to put forth effort to resist, to fight.

Run through the tape, not to the tape!

And even in conservative states, the voting process has been bastardized to favor Leftists, all under the guise of “Making Democracy accessible.” Sounds good on the surface, eh? Whited sepulcher…

Let me tell you, a local acquaintance of mine bragged about how he arranged to have an absentee ballot sent to him every election, so he doesn’t have to get his butt up off the couch to go vote. He thinks it is a great idea!

And he is NOT a slacker. He put some real effort into this scheme. And since he is not a slacker, he really doesn’t understand that many are. He thinks that because HE is righteous there will be no more cakes and ale (thanks, Shakespeare).

I am in a wheelchair. I have never once voted absentee, even though it takes real effort for me to go vote.

So, is the motivation level the same? Sure, in this case, but what about across the country?

Think about it: The disabled guy loads up his wheelchair and goes and votes while the able-bodied guy barely puts the Cheetos down for long enough to fill out the form and put it in the mailbox (and then feels all self-righteous while watching re-runs of Barnaby Jones).

And you wonder why people vote for Lefty slackers? Maybe, just maybe, it’s largely because you cater to Lefty slackers!

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