Aren’t you just

sick of Lefty violence? I sure am!

I hate to begin the week with this, but I’ve got some bad news for the optimists out there: the rift between the right and the left in America isn’t going to get better. In fact, it’s not really a rift anymore. It’s more of a widening ideological chasm that will no doubt soon reach Grand Canyon proportions.

… Radical pro-abortion activists have already demonstrated a wanton disregard for life so it’s not a stretch to believe that some mob mentality frenzy could escalate and get really violent. Again, they’re not stable to begin with.

Some of you have, in the past, pretended to be moral while refusing to denounce the Portland Lefty hooligans. They are an important part of the mob…

I have no doubt that they will now ALSO refuse to denounce this (though I very much hope I’m wrong).

Just whose side are you on, anyway?

Time for YOU to cowboy up and stand up for who you are and what you believe!

It’s time. No more mealy-mouthed violence apologists and enablers!

You KNOW what will happen: The victims will finally “shoot back” in self-defense and then the enablers will wet themselves with excitement, saying, “See? I told you they were violent!

THAT, in fact, is the plan…

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