Yeah, those

are not good poll numbers. These are “This is the Apocalypse” numbers.

I wonder if voter fraud will save him.

Biden’s approval is in the 40s in 11 states, in the 30s in another 17 states, and all the way down in the 20s in 16 states. In two states, West Virginia and Wyoming, Biden’s approval sits at an abysmal 19%. Just four states approve of Biden.

And it’s May. Things could get even worse for Biden. And they probably will.

The Civiqs poll comes on the heels of other recent polls showing that Biden’s support has collapsed among key demographics. A report from Gallup found that Biden’s support plunged downward by 19 points among millennial voters and 21 points among Generation z voters over the course of his first 14 months as President, as the Daily Wire reported; a Harvard Youth Poll conducted by the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School found a similar trend, as Biden’s approval fell 18 points among 18-34 year-old voters over the course of the last year. In addition, a Quinnipiac poll found that Biden’s approval among Hispanic voters has collapsed by a massive 43 points in the first 15 months of his presidency.

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