Bad Faith Dishonesty

If you know

a Democrat, you have probably come to the realization that they are duplicitous, that if you can even get them to argue, they do so in bad faith.

And if you press them, they will run away and not be your friend anymore. <sigh>

Duplicity is fundamental to the Democrats’ entire political operation. They say one thing and do another, simple hypocrisy, and then double the duplicity by falsely accusing others of doing what they just did. This is progressive Democrats’ primary political tactic.  

… Even so, there is cause for optimism. The American public is waking up to what the Democrats’  double duplicity has done to the nation. They don’t like it.

… Every progressive decision above is immensely unpopular with Americans, especially the non-elite “deplorables,” the independents and minorities. When Biden was elected President, his approval rating was 57 percent. Now his disapproval rating is a similar number. 

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