Anti-scientific stance Epistemology

The “science”

fanatics just don’t understand what they are talking about. They are swimming in water that is FAR too deep for them!

Let’s start back at the beginning. If everything is reducible to physics and chemistry, then so is your brain. There is no mind, only brain. It functions entirely on material and efficient causation foundations. There is no such thing as creativity or free will. Those are merely illusions.

So then, how does the mind transcend its own materialist state in becoming an “outside observer” and get to any objective Truth? How does it get transcendent? By Post-Modern definition, it can’t. That is simply not possible. So then just why would you trust your brain to lead you to Truth? If it is made up of material and efficient causes only, it would be stupid and self-negating to do so!

And in fact, that is the crux of all post-modernism. It is a radical reductionism that destroys all Truth. It is why Post-Modernism denies even the possibility of Truth. See, only if you deny the very possibility of truth does this radical Post-Modern reductionism make any sense at all.

But then is Post-Modernism True? Ahhhh! How the worm turns!

But here’s the kicker: The very possibility of Truth simply does not make any sense at all in ANY reductionistic system. Because if “mind” can be reduced to “brain,” and your brain functions only on what particular material and efficient causes happen to come along and work on it (material causation), there is no way to get any Truth out of it. The very possibility of Truth is gone. It is a fairy tale. There simply is no Truth, and there is no God. Welcome to the Pleasure Dome! ALL is merely preference and a Nietzschean will to power.

So in such a system, my opinion is every bit as valid as yours. There simply is no way to judge between which explanation is better. There is no “right” and there is no “wrong.” There is only opinion.

There is no “mind.” There is only mechanical causation. You do not have a mind you have only a brain. And like a hammer, the brain functions according to whatever material thing impinges upon it. In short, you are as smart as a sack of hammers. But no smarter. Maybe more complex, but not really different. Any difference is quantitative, not qualitative!

And THAT is Leftism, now. THAT’s why, at heart, it is impossible to be both a Lefty and believe in morality. Them pretending otherwise is merely crass advertising. Just conceptual boob bait for Bubba.

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