Epic fail Incompetence

Look at the date

on the byline! “Biden” is trying to weasel out of his failure by saying that he just couldn’t have known, that they weren’t just slow off the dime.

How many times is this administration going to find itself surprised by supply-chain issues? They dropped nearly $2 trillion last year on COVID relief amid a supply crunch, then were stunned that the whole country being flush with cash while goods are scarce might cause prices to rise. Now they’re figuring out that when a major baby-formula manufacturing plant got shut down three months ago at a moment when formula was already hard to find, a serious shortage might result.

Is seeing one move ahead on the chessboard too much to ask?

Well, the historical facts show that this was incompetence (at best)!

But even now, their foolish adherence to Democrat rigidity and love of stifling regulation is at least delaying helpful actions, and almost for sure is actively making things worse.

Why does “Biden” hate babies so? It’s irrational. If he can’t cut them up into bits in the abortion meat-grinder, he will starve them to death by restrictions on baby formula! What did babies ever do to him?

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