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You can like

the outcome of a law and still be aware that it is bad law. And so it was with RvW.

You can be a big-time abortophile who wants every baby to be chopped up in the womb and yet still understand the legal weaknesses in RvW. It truly was one of the top 3 poor decisions the court has ever made! It is certainly as logically flawed as Dred Scott, and for the same reasons. Two peas in a pod…

Overturning RvW is NOT addressing the morality of abortion. It is ONLY returning jurisdiction to the states–where it rightly, constitutionally belongs. Please, don’t be confused on this. It is up to the people, through their elected representatives, to make this call.

The issue of abortion is rather incidental, here.

This really is not a tough intellectual issue, here.

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