Basic Economics

Let’s all take

a moment and thank “Joe Biden” for this!

You understand, right, that the price of everything rises because of this!

That broccoli that is part of your dinner tonight was grown someplace else and shipped to you! So when gas/diesel prices rise and truckers need to be paid more, the price of that broccoli also rises! And your socks, and toothpaste, and…

In other words, inflation. Your salary continues to go down in real terms, all because of “Joe Biden.” Any money you saved also becomes worth less, in terms of buying power.

You scrimped and sacrificed to save $10,000.00. Good for you! But now it will buy only what $7,500 did when you started saving. “Biden” just stole a quarter of your savings!

Oh, and taxes have to rise in order to maintain even a level purchasing ability. So gov’t spending goes up. Which in turn makes inflation go up even more…

Understand what you’ve done if you voted for Joe Biden! Yes, yes, he did indeed win by voter fraud. But there were still numbskulls who voted for him!

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