Well, let’s

not get overconfident. There WILL be a lot of voter fraud. BET ON IT!

The only question is whether the Republican wave will be big enough to overcome the Democrat fraud wave.

Meanwhile, it’s heartening to see that in Pennsylvania, which Joe Biden allegedly won in 2020, Republicans have increased from 45% of the 2018 midterm electorate to 54% of the electorate in the 2022 midterms — a 9-point swing. RIP, Pennsylvania Democrats.

… In his report, Couvillon explains that midterms have lower overall turnout than presidential elections, making partisan enthusiasm an even more noteworthy indicator during midterm years. 

… Republicans are currently trending at 60% of the primary vote — five points higher than in 2010 and 2014, which were both GOP landslide years. While no one wants to pop a cork too soon, it’s at least looking safe to put the champagne on ice and dust off the flutes at this point.

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