Fighting Back

Regular people

are starting to have had enough. And you are starting to see them fight back. The courts are ruling against Biden over and over. People are angry and Biden’s poll numbers are historically bad (even with constant MSM cheerleading). Parents are revolting against Lefty school boards, and Lefties are getting creamed in school bard elections.

Even Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are fighting back, and it’s clear that Musk has taken the gloves off. Democrats look like they are going to be beaten to a bloody pulp in November (though we need to be vigilant because they DO engage in election fraud). Documentaries like 2000 Mules are getting major attention.

Now, Leftists will, in a final fit of defensive panic, say that ALL politicians are dishonest. But understand well that THAT is just a ruse they use to make themselves even more slippery! It is a strategy. And it is often their final, emergency escape hatch. But it is a damnable, defensive moral equivalence that is aimed at throwing YOU off the scent!

They use the old Bill Clinton squirm of “Everybody does it!” But don’t be fooled by them blowing chaff. It’s the way of the hound dog. NO ONE of any sense is fooled by that last-ditch song and dance…

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