Liars Media Flying Monkeys

Uh, YUP!

Hillary lied and the MSM lapdogs greedily sucked it up. Gee, hardly a shocker, now is it? (Hillary lied? <clutches pearls>). These MSM shills are the enemy of a free and open society, plain and simple.

It’s time to drop the words “fake news,” “hoax,” and any other descriptor short of blatant and purposeful lies, in reference to Hillary Clinton’s engineering, oversight, and final approval of releasing to the sock-puppet media a preposterous fairy tale that even the worst of armchair sleuths could spot as complete bullcrap. 

But warning: Reading the whole thing might make you puke…

But A TON of willfully and deliberately ignorant “regular Joe” people believed it. Or at least pretended they did. They were suckers for anything that reinforced their pre-judged, MSM-provoked biases. They weren’t looking for TRUTH, they were looking to have their ego stroked. You know who you are! Shame on you!

Most of the press will ignore this news, but the Russia-Trump narrative that Mrs. Clinton sanctioned did enormous harm to the country. It disgraced the FBI, humiliated the press, and sent the country on a three-year investigation to nowhere. Vladimir Putin never came close to doing as much disinformation damage.

Hey you rubes who got fooled, how about you straighten up and fly right! You’d think that you would have had enough of being lied to by now!

It’s maddening!

And we also KNOW for sure that the MSM flying monkeys lied about Hunter in an effort to protect Joe.

The media, their “fact-checkers,” the Democrats, and the entire Biden family. They all lied.

… So far, the media has not made a big deal about all this. One would think it would be big news. A president who ran on a lie, his son who made and allegedly hid millions in income from one of our biggest enemies, and decades of corruption from some of our top officials. But it is all of little interest to the media.

And YOU. Have YOU learned to be a bit more careful?

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