Dishonesty Lefty Political Philosophy

I think there

has indeed been a collapse of trust.

The issue at play now is that the majority of Americans have lost trust in our ability to govern and also, whether our leaders are even telling us the truth or are we simply being manipulated?

… We have arrived at a point that appears intentional. The utter disregard for breaking the sacred bond between ordinary Americans and their leadership, fealty to the principles and practices of a nation that has stood for good, stood for a better tomorrow, and been that beacon of hope to the entire world is now in doubt.

The problem is that Democrats and RINOs have been chronically dishonest. So no one trusts them.

One Lefty friend of mine (well, former friend) embodies such dishonesty. Rather than just saying what he truly believes, he hides his core beliefs because they would be so distasteful to those around him.

But the price for that is that he can never really be himself–he never knows if his friends really like him because there is always this dread that if they knew what he truly believed, they would never accept him or trust him.

What a sad existence!

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